Press Release & Clippings

August 29, 2014

“Thoughts on Horsemanship” By Hugh J.B. Cassidy

MANUSCRIPT ON HORSEMANSHIP WRITTEN BY THE LATE HUGH J.B. CASSIDY, III FOUND AND PUBLISHED. Now available for purchase. Proceeds raised through the book sales will assist with the ongoing restoration of historic Old Field Farm County Parkland.

Setauket, New York. August 29th, 2014. Below is an opening excerpt from the recently found manuscript “Thoughts on Horsemanship.” Hugh’s brother, Thomas Cassidy, tells us how this discovery came about.

“My oldest brother, Hugh J.B. Cassidy III, the nationally noted horseman, horse show judge, trainer and show manager died in 1986 at the age of 38. Although Hugh’s death at such a young age was tragic, his family and friends are comforted by the boundless energy, enthusiasm and love that Hugh shared with all who had the good fortune to be his friend. Hugh’s spirit is very much alive today, and certainly was in the aftermath of “Superstorm Sandy.” Let me explain:

On October 30, 2012 when “Superstorm Sandy” was ravaging the northeastern part of the United States, a healthy oak tree, planted 40 years ago by my brother Hugh, was uprooted by the storm and fell onto my mother’s house damaging the roof and breaking several windows. In order to minimize the damage to one of the bedrooms, my mother asked me to empty her desk and move it out the way so that contractors could expedite the repair of the windows and walls.

Her desk hadn’t been used in decades so I took a canvas bag started discarding the contents, mostly items from the early 1980s such as bank statements and tax returns. Just as I was about to complete this task, I discovered a manila folder with the heading “Hugh’s Book.” I was astounded, startled and elated at the same time. I felt my brother was in the room right next to me. I opened the folder and there it was, a hand-written manuscript written on yellow-lined paper in blue ink.

As you read the book that follows, I hope you will appreciate Hugh’s effort to share his knowledge, experience and values regarding the noble relationship between rider and horse…”

And so begins Thoughts on Horsemanship – an unexpected visit with our friend and mentor where we hear his thoughts on training riders and horses. We truly hope you enjoy this treasured finding. Thoughts on Horsemanship may be purchased at Old Field Farm Horse & Home, Ltd. (631-751-3600). The cost of the book is $25 per copy and does not include tax or shipping. Contact Old Field Farm Horse & Home, Ltd. to purchase copies.